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About Us

At Deacam we love working with the latest technologies to provide our customers with the best solutions. We provide a unique service combining electrical and mechanical engineering with on the ground trade experience resulting in workable, efficient outcomes. We have applied these skills to a number of industries, what can we do for yours? Deacam are specialists in modern electrical engineering. Our expertise has become the launching ground for automated operations of distilleries, breweries and wineries in the Yarra Valley. Our unique design concepts are now being used throughout Australia and even overseas. With our ingenuity and ability to adapt to the customer’s needs, Deacam is fast becoming the leader in trade based electrical design concepts and systems, allowing for effective and safe operations. The incredible skill and strength that has been shown in trade based engineering is second to none, though we are aware that it is a skill that needs to be nurtured and protected. This is why we believe in the next generation of tradesmen. By employing apprentices and providing them with the opportunity and exposure to interesting and diverse working environments, we will continue to grow our industry and be better for it.

The Deacam Team

Leonie Bradford

I’m the Financial Administrator at Deacam, working to ensure that Deacam continues to perform as a profitable business capable of employing a great team. With 21 years’ experience as a bookkeeper, I enjoy being able to work with jobs as they materialise, right through to completion, and examining all costs associated with the project. Working with Deacam has allowed me as a mother to work the hours that suit my family which means my work/life balance is rewarding. We are also very lucky at Deacam to have a great, hard-working, accomplished team who I relish working alongside every day.

Ian Slater

I work in the electrical engineering department at Deacam, having worked my way up from an electrician over the last 30 years. Most of my career has been spent working with cranes, often travelling interstate to work on a variety of projects in many different industries. I work on a wide range of projects at Deacam and have been a part of designing the new Fermecraft system. I enjoy the design aspect of working on an engineering project and find the challenging nature of the work at Deacam to be the best part of my job.

Tye Taylor

I am an apprentice at Deacam studying electrotechnology at Swinburne, and also the part time truck driver. I enjoy working with a range of new and innovative technology, and learning about electrical control and automation. There is such a variety of work at Deacam, which a lot of people, especially apprentices, don’t get exposure to, which I really enjoy. I’ve worked with a great group of people over the three years that I’ve been at Deacam.

Daniel Krajnc

I am an electrical apprentice at Deacam, having worked here for the past three years. I’m currently studying at Swinburne Tafe whilst getting plenty of hands on experience working with the Deacam team. I enjoy the broad range of different electrical work we do at Deacam and learning about all the different automated control systems. The best part of my job is the great bunch of people I get to work with every day.

Brendan Girt

Known as “The Facilitator” within the team, I take care of operations management, scheduling of all jobs, and procurement of parts, all of which are essential in order for the rest of the team to complete their work. With 24 years’ experience as an A Grade Electrician, I’ve worked predominately on commercial and industrial projects, including facility management, before moving to Deacam four years ago. Deacam has given me the opportunity to work in a new area of the electrical trade and have provided incredible exposure to new technologies and customised design products. I find Deacam to be a very stimulating and unique work environment with unrivalled comradery.

Lachie Cameron

I’m the automation engineer at Deacam, working on a variety of projects with the team. My background is in PLC and SCADA based systems as well as networking and remote communications. I particularly enjoy designing solutions that make our customers life easier and building lasting relationships within this. Deacam offers a unique environment for its workers, with the relaxed but dynamic climate really bringing out the best in individuals. I believe we can provide the highest level of service, and quality systems, whilst having fun.

Dave Stowe

I am the Service Technician at Deacam, having worked here for almost three years. My training as both electrician and machine fitter, which I completed in England, has given me a wide range of skills. Having worked predominately in the automotive and crane industries, I specialise in machinery and automation. I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my work, and am constantly being challenged. I believe the people here really are the best part of working at Deacam.

Shane Bryant

As an electrical apprentice, my role at Deacam is to assist in repairs and upgrades to a variety of industrial machines, and learn from my mentors. During the last four years working here I have been studying Electrotechnology at Swinburne Tafe. I love testing my problem solving skills and trying to create new and smarter ways of doing things. I really enjoy the wide variety of work that we do, but the best part about working at Deacam would have to be the fantastic group of people I get to work with every day.

Steve Bleijswijk

I am a licensed electrician, having worked at Deacam for the past three years. I have completed Certificate III in Electrotechnology and Certificate IV in Control & Automation, and have experience in Commercial, Domestic, Mining and Industrial sectors, giving me a wide knowledge base. I enjoy the ever-changing nature of the industry, particularly with new technologies always emerging. The variety of projects that Deacam works on is amazing and the group dynamic is fantastic.

Jared Wiskin

I’ve been an apprentice electrician at Deacam for that past two years. During that time I’ve completed Certificate III in Electrotechnology at Swinburne Tafe and Certificate IV in Motor Control and PLC Programming at Box Hill Tafe. I’ve previously worked in many different industries, including wineries, and am really enjoying my change of career to being an electrician. I particularly enjoy the control and automation aspect of the work that Deacam do, and having such a good crew makes it a great place to work.